About Survival Blueprint

SurvivalBlueprint.net is dedicated to providing a cooperative environment for those interested in gaining information, insights and knowledge pertaining to emergency preparedness and survival skills through product reviews, articles, blog posts, videos and public forums. This site is not just for the seasoned survival enthusiasts. It’s primary purpose is to assist the “Average Joe and Family” develop the skills and highly valued “outside the box” mentality that may be required to survive and thrive in both short emergencies or long-term catastrophes.

Dave and Mike, the founders of SurvivalBlueprint.net, draw upon their combined 40 years of experience including the United States Marine Corps, Metro Area Law Enforcement, SWAT, hand-to-hand combat, edged weapons, ground fighting, hunting, basic long range precision (sniper 1) rifle certification, camping, generalized survival know-how, and a love of learning to seek out and generate the content on this site. These two have, experimented, planned, created, trapped, hunted, tinkered, and much more than can be remembered over their 18 year friendship and now enjoy the pleasure of passing down this knowledge to their children.

Your personal experiences, experiments and helpful survival tips are welcomed and encouraged! Please jump in and be an active contributor through your comments as we are firm believers that everyone can benefit from an environment that encourages the active exchange of positive, creative and innovative solutions to the challenges that may soon face the modern world.

Welcome to the team!

Dave & Mike
It’s your survival. We can help.

Survival Blueprint Affiliate Disclaimer and Site Terms of Service

In accordance with the new guidelines from the FTC we are required to inform you that some of the links on this blog/website, either through images, text, audio anywhere throughout this website, are in fact affiliate links, and if you purchase products through these links then we get paid a commission. The amount of commission varies from product to product. These commissions help offset the cost of running this site and providing all the free content that we have available for our visitors.

Please also note that within any of the video content that you watch on this blog/website, whether inside posts OR within any other materials or content we publish, may also contain affiliate links, and yes you guessed it, if you were to buy products through these links we will make a commission. These links may be below the video in text OR they may be displayed inside the video content itself, as audio or text displayed in the video. Some URL’s may be shortened, masked and forwarded, so that they re-direct through our affiliate link and we earn a commission if you buy through these also.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As  professionals, with a high degree of personal and professional ethics and integrity, we ensure that we ONLY recommend products to you, our loyal visitors, that we feel are high quality and will be helpful to you in your development of your own personalized survival blueprint.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: From time to time, we may use testimonials for products, services, or materials as provided by the manufacturer’s or content producer’s website. These testimonials are assumed to be honest, real testimonials demonstrating realistic expectations, opinions and reviews. These testimonials have been included to demonstrate the value of products that we are promoting and potentially receiving a commission for the transaction you may or may not make with the manufacturer, retailer or producer of content.

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