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This was the answer I got when I asked my teenage son what he liked best about this book. I consider him an expert on these matters because he has about 30 survival books in his room, all of which are studied, written on, tattered and prized. He thinks about them about as much as I think about chocolate (which is frequently.) However, this one makes it to the top of his list. There is so much information here I can’t imagine there are many others that could stand up under a comparison.  We have been using the ’01 edition for years and I’m sure the ’06 edition gets great reviews as well.

It’ not just a survival book, but an “all in one” resource for survival as well as a teaching tool that will help you experience the outdoors on a higher level.  Let me show you what I mean- I’m going to open it and randomly thumb through the book listing off some of the many topics you’ll find in the book:

  • Spring snares, foot traps and all kinds of other trapping methods

    Camping & Wilderness Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book

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  • Canoes, kayaks, boats and other water crossing techniques
  • Reading topographical maps and basic land navigation with and without a compass
  • Weather forecasting techniques
  • Ropes & knots
  • Disaster signals,
  • All kinds of shelter types including desert shelters and snow shelters
  • Mountain travel
  • Basic first aid
  • Fire starting techniques from the primitive to advanced
  • Edible plants, hunting and gathering techniques
  • Astronomy
  • And many more practical applications for survival in just about any situation

The information you want is super easy to find and the book is filled with great illustrations, so you won’t have any guess work about what you’re doing. Most of the techniques are very simple and there are alternative ways offered so you can get the job done.

I guess the best way to sum this book up would be to say that it lives up to its title; “The Ultimate Outdoors Book.” This book is a great resource tool to help you start storing all of this stuff in your brain, and building skills that can’t be lost or taken away.

Make this book a priority to read, understand and start putting to use. If you have room, put a copy in your “go bag” too.

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