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So Where Do We Begin As Survivalists?
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Some crisis management “experts” would have you believe that crisis or emergency management is a complex system of preparation. These are the same people attempting to justify their jobs and or their failures. By making it complicated it gives people the impression that not just anyone can do it and therefore you shouldn’t try. In […]

Top 5 Necessities For The Beginning Survivalist
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When you read the various survivalist blogs and websites it can be easy to get overwhelmed with information.  And although it’s great to have 550 paracord, gallons of bleach, and a camp axe; there are much more important things you should be thinking about when getting started. Before I go into my personal top 5 […]

My Journey Into Survivalism
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As my first post here at I’d like to start by simply saying hello, and introducing myself.  When asked if I would be interested in posting here, I was ecstatic.  I do consider myself a survivalist, but with that said I also think there are a lot of paradigms and misconceptions about those of […]

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