Does A Firearm Belong In Your Survival Toolbox?
Does A Firearm Belong In Your Survival Toolbox? avatar

Every dedicated survival site on the web has some sort of information on guns; guns for survival, guns for hunting, guns for self-defense….even guns for the zombies!  The vast majority of these aren’t bad, even pretty good, but some of them are really missing the boat in my opinion.

I grew up in a rural area. We had guns and everyone else did, too; some people hunted, some didn’t. Most just kept some type of rifle to shoot at a coyote prowling around their livestock. When you grow up in this environment, you see firearms as a tool more than a weapon; just like you see livestock as food rather than something for the kids to touch at a petting zoo.  In a rural setting you work with a lot of tools and a firearm is just one of them.

As a Marine I learned basically the same thing: the firearm is a tool. The Marines, as with every military branch, is tasked with the defense of our country and their weapons are the tools used to carry out that task.  As a Marine, it was never my job to die for my country; it was my job to make sure the other guy died for his.  My rifle was the tool I used to get my job done and one of the first that I pulled out of my toolbox.

After almost 20 years in municipal law enforcement I have a lot of tools in my toolbox. One of them is a firearm and it’s the last tool I pull out of that box and then, only after every other tool has proven ineffective.

I believe in freedom and know it isn’t free; I also believe in rules and laws and think people should abide by them.  I believe in being self-sufficient to the extent possible and I believe that it is my duty to protect my family.  I believe that if the state you live in allows you to carry a firearm on your person you should; if your state has laws that allow you to get a concealed weapons permit go get one.  Be responsible about when and how you carry that firearm certainly; but you should take advantage of that ability if you have it.

I believe that an armed society is a polite society.  If you think that people in the “old west” talked to each other like they do today you are crazy.  When everyone in town had a six shooter on their hip you addressed each other politely, you held your temper and used your negotiation skills. If you didn’t, you probably learned real quick that you should have.

With all this in mind, carrying a firearm is a HUGE responsibility and not one to be taken lightly.  I wouldn’t suggest that you carry a firearm in your waist band anymore than I would suggest you carry a great big pipe wrench.  Consider all you “jobs;” family protector, member of a family unit, employee, survivor, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish and determine if the firearm is the right tool for the job. In reality the firearm can be used to pound nails, but I personally would use a hammer.

"You will wish you had been this prepared when your family and friends are trying to eat your brains."

In a crisis the firearms can used for survival,

hunting and self-defense and I suppose even zombies!  However, these tasks are all very different and although guns do come in different sizes, they are definitely NOT one size fits all.

Watch for more to come on this topic, one that is near and dear to my heart. Where are you coming from?  I would love to hear any questions or thoughts you might have.

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