Mountain House Freeze Dried Ice Cream Review
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Mountain House Freeze Dried Ice CreamFreeze Dried Ice Cream?

Of course we had to check this out! I thought it would be fun to pick up a couple of freeze dried ice cream packs for my two teenagers and get their opinions. This product is distributed by Mountain House; I chose Neapolitan because then we could try three flavors (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry). No one in our family had tried this kind of ice cream before and it definitely was an interesting experience… unusual…even fascinating to some extent.

Straight out of the package I was surprised to find the small “brick” inside. I was expecting a powder, although I don’t know why. It wasn’t crumbly, but instead was broken into pieces.  The texture reminded me of soft floral foam….. or, if you don’t relate to that, I would agree with the manufacturer’s claims of it being similar to the inside of a “Whopper” candy, but  more dense and smooth.

All four in our family tried it and here are our comments:Notice How During Transport The Product Had Broken Into Chunks, Not Crumbs

  • Chewing it was odd and it did stick in your teeth.
  • A more “milky” flavor comes through if you let it melt in your mouth.
  • Chocolate was definitely the best flavor.

On a scale of one to five (five being the best), we rated the novelty of it a 5. The score on taste (per the kids) was a 3.5- 4. I did notice it sat on the kitchen counter a good little while before it was gone. Any brownie sitting there would’ve been fully digested by one of those two within 45 seconds. BUT….at the end of the day, I would keep a few of these packs around in our food storage even though they didn’t initially go bananas over it. By the way- if you’re counting calories, this was 110.

So, maybe give them a try- you never know where a sweet tooth will lead you. (When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought fruitcake was the bomb! Enough said.) If you want to check this product out, here’s a link…Nitro-Pak. Simply search the Nitro-Pak site for ice cream and you will come up with the page.

Know of something else good or fun for us to try? Post it in a comment- I’m game!

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