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As my first post here at I’d like to start by simply saying hello, and introducing myself.  When asked if I would be interested in posting here, I was ecstatic.  I do consider myself a survivalist, but with that said I also think there are a lot of paradigms and misconceptions about those of us who are active in survival preparedness.  Many think that those of us who stock pile food, water, and other various survival supplies are extremists or on the fringe.

The reality is that most of us are regular people.  However we are just exponentially more prepared for any situation that may arise in the real world.  For example, I am just a simple guy, married with 2 kids, who owns my own business.  I don’t stroll around town armed to the hilt in military fatigue with my bug out bag just waiting for the apocalypse.  The mainstream media would have you believe otherwise, but that’s nonsense.

Through my 20’s I worked as a firefighter and paramedic.  During that time I learned that you never know what curve balls life can throw at you.  However it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I really “woke up” and took it upon myself to have a better understanding what is transpiring in the world, and more importantly the U.S.  And to be honest; it scared the hell out of me.  The sense of urgency to prepare myself and become more self sufficient grew when I realized that the threat of an EMP attack, Solar Flare, or even a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economic system is not some twisted conspiracy theory; but actually quite possible in my lifetime, and almost a certainty in my children’s lifetime.

One Second After by William Forstchen

If you’d like to know what the potential results of civil unrest could be in the U.S. if the “system” effectively went offline for an extended period of time, I highly encourage you  to read the book One Second After by William Forstchen.  It will open your eyes to what the new reality will be.

Throughout my blog postings, I have no ambition to discuss politics or conspiracy either.  Each person needs to come to their own realizations and do their own research on the threats we as a society face in the coming years.

What I will do however is help YOU to become more self sufficient and learn to survive in a variety of situations.  Over the past 3 years I have spent thousands of dollars on survival equipment, freeze dried foods, etc.  You name it, there’s a good chance I might have it!  I am going to review and discuss a variety of these products and their practical uses in this blog.  Likewise I hope to engage in some active discussions through the comments here and hopefully learn several new things myself.

So bookmark Now, you won’t be disappointed!

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