What Are Sheeple?
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Over the years of reading survivalist blogs and the various NON main stream media news sites, you’ll often hear the term “sheeple” used. Obviously if you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of what the term “sheeple” refers to. In my experience trying wake up friends and family, it absolutely amazes me how many sheeple there really are out there.

Over Thanksgiving, I was discussing the possibilities of what could happen in the United States if the debt doesn’t get under control, or even worse if there is an organized economic tsunami. And when I say tsunami, I actually mean a sudden economic collapse. Last week I posted a great video about what a U.S. dollar collapse would like. But of course when you try explaining this to the sheeple, you hear uneducated statements like; “That will never happen in the U.S.” or “China needs us more than we need them”. My favorite is when sheeple say, “The stock market always goes up and down, it has for years. If you’re in it for the long term, you’ll always make money”. Read more »

What’s The First Survival Firearm to Purchase???
What’s The First Survival Firearm to Purchase??? avatar

So, if you only take one firearm with you or are only going to buy one for general survival, what should it be? In my opinion, a 12 gauge shotgun; here’s why.

The various rounds or shells that you can purchase for a basic 12 gauge pump action shotgun make it about the most versatile weapon ever created. You can load the shotgun with bird shot and hunt birds like quail, pheasant, ducks or even geese. You can hunt small game like squirrels and rabbits or load it with slugs and hunt deer or even larger animals. Besides this, shotguns make excellent tactical weapons for self-defense. Most are very easy to operate, don’t break easily and are usually built with large tolerances that don’t make them as susceptible to dirt, rain, snow etc. A shotgun slug is more than adequate to kill a human being, but so is bird shot if you are close enough. If you aren’t very close it is really going to hurt and that person will have a hell of a time getting through airport security!

The shotgun is not very concealable in most cases and don’t forget that if you alter the firearm, such as cutting the barrel short to conceal it under a jacket, it will more than likely be illegal. In normal times, this poses an issue, however if the SHTF, pretty much everything goes. Shotguns don’t have a lot of carrying capacity although there are some simple upgrades you can make that will increase this. If you get a shotgun the first accessory you need to purchase is a sling, nothing fancy but you need one. Carrying a shotgun without a sling is like carrying a handgun without a holster. Without a sling you are “married” to holding that shotgun and can’t effectively use your hands. Remember, it’s only a tool and not the only one you have in your toolbox. In future posts, I will go over some basic upgrades to a shotgun that add a tremendous amount of function and value to this as a survival weapon system.

Where should you go to buy your first shotgun? Read more »

Which Firearm Do I Need? The Basics Of Finding The Right Match.
Which Firearm Do I Need? The Basics Of Finding The Right Match. avatar

Predominately, there are three types of firearms: rifles, shotguns and handguns.  They all have their own unique traits, purpose and function, but just like the survival preparedness planning you have already done, those purposes overlap each other.

Using a firearm for hunting and collecting food will increase your chances of being successful exponentially over say… a spear! If there is small game where you are (rabbits, squirrels, birds) then a shotgun with bird shot is an excellent choice.  You don’t have to be a sniper to hit something with bird shot and the damage to the meat is minimal depending on range.

If you are in an area with large animals (deer, elk, caribou) then you will need a rifle to bring one of these down.  A rifle does require more precision than a shotgun and therefore more practice to be proficient.

Attend A Gun Show When Possible

Many people purchase a gun for self defense and depending on the circumstances a handgun may be your best choice for this application.

Handguns are concealable on your person and also easily fit in a bedside drawer.

A pistol will also fit in your car glove box or under the seat of your car far better than a rifle or a shotgun.

(Be sure to check your local laws or get a concealed weapons permit) Read more »

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