Solar Powered Crank Radio Review – Kaito Voyager KA500
Solar Powered Crank Radio Review – Kaito Voyager KA500 avatar

As a survivalist, one of my biggest concerns outside of food, water,
shelter, and safety is the power grid.  Many people do not realize
 how dependent we are on electricity.  Regardless if we are talking 
about the whole countries power grid going down for an extended period
 of time, or a more isolated incident like a tornado; it pays to have a few solar powered survival supplies in your survival stockpile.

Outside of an elaborate solar panel set-up, the best solar powered survival device you can buy is a solar powered crank radio.
The 4 way powered Kaito Voyager KA500 was actually one of the first pieces of survival gear I added to my
 collection.  I’ve never been in an extreme survival scenario, but 
ironically I have used this handy little tool several times.
 Whether it be camping trips with the family, or bad weather in the
 area, you’ll be surprised how many times this bad boy gets taken off 
the shelf.

Although advertised as a “radio”, this is so much more for a variety of 
emergency situations.  Of course you can run the radio off 
batteries or a 12V charger.  However you can also charge the radio by a non obtrusive, tiltable, solar panel.  If your radio is dead and it’s not sunny out, no problem, there is a crank on the device that will give you instant power.  120 cranks will get you a minute of power.  When in the sunlight, the radio charges quite quickly and you’ll get around 12 hours on a full charge.

There is also a reading lamp, a flashlight, and an emergency red flashing light as well.
As you would expect with any survival radio, there is AM/FM band, as
 well as 7 NOAA Weather bands and a weather alert system on the
 radio.  As a true survivalist though, one of my favorite features
 of this radio is the shortwave radio bands.  With shortwave radio,
 you can pick up radio stations in other countries.

In a worse case scenario where the entire power grid is down in the
 U.S., this will be the best way to find out what is going on in our
 country.  I actually bought a shortwave antenna extender just in
 case of this that you will see pictured below.  It’s actually kind of fun to mess around with even in a non survivalist situation.

Lastly another cool feature on this radio is that it has a charging
 feature that will allow you to charge mp3’s, ipods, or cell phones.
 You can usually find this little gem on Ebay for around $50.  Just go to either Ebay or Amazon and search Kaito Voyager KA500.  I also recommend the antenna extender for shortwave use that I mentioned above, that is part # Kaito AN-03L.

So if there’s one “must have” tool for everyone’s survival kit, I would say this is one of them.  Here are a few pictures of mine.

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