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In my latest post I discussed the importance of having a Solar Powered Crank Radio.
In the event you are left without electricity for any extended period
of time, there is no better gear to have in your stockpile than solar powered survival gear.
One of the best additions to your solar gear is obviously solar powered
There are a whole variety of solar powered lights out there to choose
from.  But since more than likely, these are going to sit on the
shelf, I suggest going the more cost effective route and buying a few
versus just one.  This way when TSHTF you can be in a position to
help your unprepared friends and family members.

There’s really not a ton to review in regards to a solar powered lantern.  I mean,
you set it outside, let it charge, and then you get free light at
night!  The ones I bought are definitely not designer or
industrial strength.  In fact they look like they came fresh off a
boat from Hong Kong, which they probably did.  Nonetheless I
bought them in bulk so I got a dozen for around $100 on my favorite
place to buy survival gear……yes…..Ebay.

The good thing about these cheapies I bought though is that they do
have 12 bright LED lights and that you can adjust up and down for
brightness.  Once fully charged they are actually pretty bright
for solar powered and will provide you without about 8 hours of
power.  If you are powering batteries with a solar charger after
TSHTF, you can also use (2) AA batteries to power this light as
well.  Either way, they’d definitely get the job done at night in
a dark house.  Not to mention, you’ll save money and worries about
running out of candles.

Here are a few images of my “Hong Kong special” survival lantern below

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