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If you have kids you already know that their little bodies have a mind of their own and show complete disregard for any and all circumstances. There has never been an earache that “held off” until the power came back on and Mommy could call the Dr. for advice.

Thankfully, most of the time we are talking about a day on the couch with cartoons and the “barf bucket”, but if you find yourself without access to a phone and can’t call the Dr. to see if its “time to worry”, you’ll need a little help.

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child

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Smart Medicine For A Healthier Child by Zand, Walton & Roundtree, is the only reference book I own that targets children’s health.I’ve had the first addition in my book case for about……10yrs now (am I that old?!). My book is so beat up, marked, dog eared and dirty looking that someone who didn’t know better might pitch it in the trash (Heaven forbid!).

The book is collaboration between three medical professionals with quite varied skill sets and backgrounds. One is a Natropathic Physician, another is a Medical Doctor and finally a Pediatric Nurse. I like this book simply because it gives me very professional, common sense, balanced options that are easy to understand and apply as I try to help my kids through common illnesses.  Bear in mind that this information applies to you, too.

What do I mean? Here’s an example in my book on pg. 365 where it begins a section on Sinusitis. It starts with a detailed (but easy to understand) explanation of what it is, what it could lead to and the common causes. The next page has an illustration of the sinus cavities on a child’s face and explains more about how Sinusitis is diagnosed.

Now comes the stuff you really want to know…. What can you do to help?

Your answers are broken down in the following categories: Conventional Treatment, Dietary Recommendations (that’s where I learned about the No Dairy rule when it comes to Sinus problems), Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Treatment, Homeopathy, Acupressure, General Recommendations and Prevention.

All topics that could progress into a situation where you need to take immediate action are in bold red type written in the margin under “Emergency Treatment For…*if you see this……*if you see that…..”  Also, “When To Call The Doctor”, I really like this feature of the book.

Now, not everyone will be interested in the less conventional Homeopathy or Acupuncture and that’s OK. The information is here, should you want or need to use it. As with most things, take what you can and leave what you can’t. I just like to see my options and try to remain teachable. It gives me “plan A, B, C…” and we all want that when it comes to the survival of our babies. Years ago my Pediatrician was even asking me about the book so she could check it out too! I guess she was still teachable.

Again, it’s easy to understand the information, the book itself is a size that makes it physically comfortable to read and there is plenty of space for you to write notes in the margins. Unlike other books for parents, it is full of options, which is extremely valuable if you find yourself isolated from the normal medical resources you are used to.

Every time I’ve needed this book, I’ve walked away feeling like I knew what my next step was supposed to be.  It’s a really good book for anyone taking care of a child, especially in any survival situation where medical assistance may be non-existent.

Remember to eat your veggies- even if they are freeze-dried!

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