Top 5 Necessities For The Beginning Survivalist
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When you read the various survivalist blogs and websites it can be easy to get overwhelmed with information.  And although it’s great to have 550 paracord, gallons of bleach, and a camp axe; there are much more important things you should be thinking about when getting started.

Before I go into my personal top 5 survivalist necessities, I will tell you that no matter how prepared you are in terms of survival gear and supplies; your greatest tool is your mind!  Your knowledge and mental preparedness for any situation will be your greatest asset.  So for the beginning survivalist, these should be your top 5 priorities, and not necessarily in this specific order.  In future articles I will revisit each of these necessities and review what I have stored.

1. Clean Water – Regardless of the environment, in most cases the human body cannot survive without water for more than 10 days.  Not only will you eventually die without clean water, it will make the rest of your survival efforts extremely difficult.  With the inexpensive cost of water, it’s a great idea to stock up, and then grab an extra case for your storage every time you go to the grocery store.  If times are tight, save milk gallons, clean them out, and fill them with tap water.  This is better than nothing.  Likewise regardless if you are bugging out or staying put, I highly recommend having a portable water filter and some extra filters.

I recommend any of the Katadyn Products.  The best place to find these water filters is either Ebay or Amazon and simply search Katadyn.  You’ll save a bit of money buying here versus directly.

2. Non-Perishable Food – Next up on the list is food.  You can survive longer without food versus water.  However at some point you will indeed starve to death.  Like water, you can easily grab extra food each time you go to the grocery store and simply start stockpiling.  Stockpile items such as rice, beans, flour, sugar, and salt in bulk.  Providing the disaster scenario leaves you with electricity, it’s also a good idea to have a deep freeze and buy your meat in bulk.  I just bought a quarter cow and not only did I save $$ in the long run, I have a freezer filled with 200 lbs. of meat.

And even if there is no electricity, you can keep your freezer going with a generator.  Or worse case scenario you can preserve your meat with salt.  But we’ll get into that as well in future articles.  If you have the budget, the easiest way to stockpile survival food is to buy a variety of freeze dried food.  These usually come in #10 cans in cases of 6.  I recommend Mountain House products.  These too can easily be bought through Ebay or Amazon.  The shelf life on these products can be up to 20 years as well…..that’s a big bonus.

3. Safe Shelter – Although it sounds great to think you’re going to grab your bug out bag and head for the hills; it’s often times not going to be practical.  However this is still one of the most debated topics amongst survivalists.  Sure, if you live in a high rise in NYC, you probably better get outta there.  However if you’re like me and have kids and a house in a residential area, it might be best to stay put and turn your home into a fortress with all the supplies you need at hand.

The last thing you want to do is try to survive the elements in a tent with your children when the weather gets cold.  Not to mention, if you’re like me……..carrying all your supplies will require a semi-truck :).  Nonetheless, there are many factors that should go into this decision.  Bottom line though, have a plan and take providing a safe shelter for you and your family very seriously.

4. Guns & Protection – Often times you will hear anti-gun people say “I don’t want guns in my home with children“.  My response to that is;  I don’t want my children in an unprotected house without guns!  Without an adequate weapon to protect your family and survival supplies, the whole idea of survivalism is pointless.  Not only can a gun save your life and protect your family; it might become one of your most important assets if you’re forced to hunt your own food.

There are a variety of guns out there.  I suggest having a few different types of guns.  Here’s a few I would suggest.

  • .38 Revolver – It’s somewhat concealable and  you could literally teach your spouse or other loved one how to use a revolver in about 3 minutes if you had to.
  • 12 gauge Shotgun – Many will tell you that for home protection, the shotgun can be the most effective gun, and I tend to agree.  The stopping power and range of a shotgun is extremely effective for protecting your shelter and family.
  • .22 Rifle – This will come in handy if indeed you are in a survival situation where you are forced to hunt small game for food.  I suggest getting a simple model with a scope.

If you’re still against guns, fine.  Get yourself a good sword or knife.  But don’t be surprised when your survival skills are being tested against others who are well armed.  Also if you do have a gun and children in the house, don’t be an idiot, keep them locked up at all times.

5. Ammunition – For each weapon you own, you should have an ample supply of ammunition.  If you’re truly in survival mode and rely on ammunition to hunt food, you really don’t want to run out.  Likewise, it’s not talked about often, however if TSHTF, ammunition will be one of the easiest items to barter with.

Obviously, there is a great deal more that you must acquire and think about to be fully prepared.  However if you make these 5 things a priority, you’ll have a great foundation to build off of.

Since a lot of what you will be stockpiling is going to “hopefully” sit on shelves for many years, always look for deals.  This is why you’ll hear me mention sites like Ebay or Amazon quite a bit in  my posts.  A large majority of my survival gear has come from these sites and most of the time you get brand new items at a discounted price.

Please feel free to share any comments or necessities you feel should be on the top 5 list.

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