Ultimate Survival Technologies: StrikeForce Fire Starter
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If you’ve never started a fire with a sweet little trick known as a “Flint and Steel”, get ready, because this thing will make you look like an expert no matter who you are. This gadget is so easy to use and designed so well you just have to get one.

The one you see my son using in the video has been in my survival kit longer than he’s been alive. So, why would you want to have this instead of matches or a lighter? I can tell you in two words…. SURE THING. If water is the greatest enemy of fire starting, then its arch nemesis is this waterproof alloy flint bar and steel striker that can generate a spark 3times hotter than a match. What does that mean to you? That the tinder you found IS going to light.

Strike Force Water Proof Fire Starting Tool

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This is so well designed. It’s small and lightweight (less than 4oz ), about 5” long and has a short lanyard that will keep you from losing the cap. They really used this small space well and even provided a spot to put some tinder inside the handle. When the cap is on, the lanyard tightens and can be easily hooked onto your pack or just slip into your pocket.

So, what’s the cherry on top of this sweet little thing? It’s made in the USA! Pick up a few of these great firestarting tools for each one of your survival packs today!

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