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Over the years of reading survivalist blogs and the various NON main stream media news sites, you’ll often hear the term “sheeple” used. Obviously if you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of what the term “sheeple” refers to. In my experience trying wake up friends and family, it absolutely amazes me how many sheeple there really are out there.

Over Thanksgiving, I was discussing the possibilities of what could happen in the United States if the debt doesn’t get under control, or even worse if there is an organized economic tsunami. And when I say tsunami, I actually mean a sudden economic collapse. Last week I posted a great video about what a U.S. dollar collapse would like. But of course when you try explaining this to the sheeple, you hear uneducated statements like; “That will never happen in the U.S.” or “China needs us more than we need them”. My favorite is when sheeple say, “The stock market always goes up and down, it has for years. If you’re in it for the long term, you’ll always make money”.

It amazes me at how oblivious the majority of the American public really are now days about the imminent threats facing us.  We as a nation have been socially engineered to be more concerned with material things than reality. So again, that may beg the question, “What are sheeple?“.  Below is a video I came across this morning that I wanted to share with everyone. This pretty much sums up the dumbing down of America, and the average mind set of the sheeple.

As a survivalist, these are the people we may be protecting our food and supplies from should TSHTF. If people go this nuts for laptops and Xbox’s, imagine what happens when they are starving……….makes me happy to be a wolf and not a sheep!

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