What Will You Do When Your World Turns Upside Down?
What Will You Do When Your World Turns Upside Down? avatar

It’s a valid question. One that demands an answer before you can start to develop your survival plan.

When you read testimonies or watch interviews with survivors of perilous situations, one theme emerges – almost everyone assumed that the disaster would not happen to them. This denial is universal and happens in every disaster, in every corner of the Earth. These victims are almost always aware that some calamity could happen, and in many cases calamity had even forewarned them (through news, warnings from others, or even a “gut check”). The problem was that no one took the time to consider what they would do when the disaster took place. Most survivors of a widespread disaster get lucky. On the other hand, many are not lucky and die as a result of their failure to address this basic question – What Will YOU DO WHEN Your World Turns Upside Down.

What Will You Do When Your World Turns Upside Down

What Will You Do When Your World Turns Upside Down

I think, from talking to a bunch of people about survival preparedness, and watching countless hours of interviews and testimonies of disasters, that most people fail to make a plan for two basic reasons.

One reason is that they are simply afraid of the fear of admitting that potential disaster is possible. If they admit their fear, then the fear exists, and to ignore the fear, seemingly makes this fear go away (which is wrong). These people know the possibility of disaster exists, but are so fearful of the potential that they do not even begin to make a plan, counting rather on luck or fate to see them through one way or the other. In many cases, people place faith in this category as well, trusting that God will see them through the disaster – which I think He does on many counts.

However, many die in even small scale disaster events every year, simply because they were too afraid to address their fear, and make any sort of plan at all. Fears are generally much larger in the mind than they are in reality. Fears tend to shrink when confronted, as opposed to increasing in size or dimension. This is especially true in disaster planning with your Survival Blueprint. Once you face potential fears, you gain power over them by breaking a complex series of events into smaller, manageable tasks.

This is what your Survival Blueprint will help you do – identify fears, identify solutions and document a plan while you are calm and making rational decisions. This way, your plan is in place BEFORE something happens – you don’t have to think as much “on your feet”, you simply read your plan and take action. It’s faster, safer and much more effective.

Another reason is that people fear the opinion of others. They are afraid of being labeled a “survivalist” or a “doomsdayer” or just “being paranoid”. Seeing the potential for disaster and planning for this is prudent and intelligent, not some wing-nut para-militant ideal. Any human being who values his or her live and the lives of their children should have a solid plan in place – regardless of what other people think. After all, you don’t have to reveal your opinions or your plans to anyone – in fact, I would seriously advise against telling anyone that you plan for different emergencies.

Obviously, you need to get your immediate family (wife, husband, kids, etc) on board, but you don’t have to freak them out or have them start thinking that you are planning something crazy. You can simply let your plan be private and no one else will or should really know what you are planning or the extent of your survival plans.

So, basically, fear is what keeps most people from making a plan. Are you going to address your fears and build a viable plan that will help you overcome the situation? Or are you going to keep believing that your fears are unfounded, blindly trust in something other than yourself and hope for the best.

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