What’s The First Survival Firearm to Purchase???
What’s The First Survival Firearm to Purchase??? avatar

So, if you only take one firearm with you or are only going to buy one for general survival, what should it be? In my opinion, a 12 gauge shotgun; here’s why.

The various rounds or shells that you can purchase for a basic 12 gauge pump action shotgun make it about the most versatile weapon ever created. You can load the shotgun with bird shot and hunt birds like quail, pheasant, ducks or even geese. You can hunt small game like squirrels and rabbits or load it with slugs and hunt deer or even larger animals. Besides this, shotguns make excellent tactical weapons for self-defense. Most are very easy to operate, don’t break easily and are usually built with large tolerances that don’t make them as susceptible to dirt, rain, snow etc. A shotgun slug is more than adequate to kill a human being, but so is bird shot if you are close enough. If you aren’t very close it is really going to hurt and that person will have a hell of a time getting through airport security!

The shotgun is not very concealable in most cases and don’t forget that if you alter the firearm, such as cutting the barrel short to conceal it under a jacket, it will more than likely be illegal. In normal times, this poses an issue, however if the SHTF, pretty much everything goes. Shotguns don’t have a lot of carrying capacity although there are some simple upgrades you can make that will increase this. If you get a shotgun the first accessory you need to purchase is a sling, nothing fancy but you need one. Carrying a shotgun without a sling is like carrying a handgun without a holster. Without a sling you are “married” to holding that shotgun and can’t effectively use your hands. Remember, it’s only a tool and not the only one you have in your toolbox. In future posts, I will go over some basic upgrades to a shotgun that add a tremendous amount of function and value to this as a survival weapon system.

Where should you go to buy your first shotgun?

We get this question a lot actually. The best place, in my opinion is to go to a gun show if they have them in your area- it’s worth it. If possible, bring a friend that can help you spot any good deals and keep you from getting suckered into a bad buy. Check the local laws, but in many cases you can purchase “private party” at a gun show and not have any record of the transaction, which may be beneficial to you.

At the show you can familiarize yourself with the different types of shotguns out there: how they feel, where the safeties are, how you eject the shot shells, how you make the weapon ready to fire, how you load it, how you unload it. You may end up finding something that you feel comfortable with and buy it; or you might buy the gun that you “can afford.” Consider your greatest need for a gun and make that one your top priority to purchase regardless of the “great deal” tempting you.

For 12 gauge pump action shotguns, I would stick with either a Remington 870 Express or a Mossberg 500 for these 10 simple reasons:

  1. These are the most common 12 gauge shotguns manufactured – you can easily find them at gun shows, pawn shops, or any place that sells guns in the US
  2. Both models are “pump action” meaning that you “pump” the fore grip of the gun to eject a spent shell and load a new shell – this is a very reliable model as there are very few parts that can break
  3. Both of these models are pretty inexpensive – you should be able to get a basic model for around $200
  4. Both are used extensively by law enforcement and military personnel – these weapons have been tested tried and true
  5. Both have tons of add-ons, accessories and modifications that can be made to them adding functionality and purpose
  6. Both are dependable and can take a beating in any type of weather
  7. Both can handle a wide variety of ammunition from less-than-lethal rounds, signal flares, bird shot, small game shot, buckshot and heavy slugs – they even can shoot specialized shells designed to take out door hinges and locks
  8. Ammunition for both can easily be located – from online sources or even WalMart
  9. Both are very easy to learn how to use effectively in just about any situation
  10. Both have training classes – both general use and tactical classes – and are allowed on just about every shooting range in the US

At the end of the day, make the best choice you can, given the information and resources available to you. Your choice does not have to be perfect – you will likely be able to make choices down the road, adding to or changing your arsenal as you are able to do so.

What do think – agree or disagree? Tell me your opinion and be ready to support your logic and thought process for the benefit of everyone reading. Thanks again for all your comments and questions – keep them coming!

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